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Income Tax - It Is Possible To Reduce It By 20 To 40% Every Year


On your last income tax return did you know how to deduct: mortgage interest, rent, property taxes, car expenses, vacation or travel expenses?

Is a tax-savings plan important to you?

Investments - Our Program Promotes Guarantees On Your Principal


Do you have any RRSP's?

Are you satisfied with the investment advice you are receiving?

Where do you do your investing?

Do you have any Non-Registered investments?

Are you open to a better way to invest?

Life Insurance - Our Publications Show You How To Do It Correctly


Are you covered by group life insurance where you work or elsewhere?

Do you have private life insurance (other than group) coverage?

If you have private life insurance, what kind is it?

What company is it with?

Approximate coverage

If you could find better or lower cost coverage is there anything such as a health condition or dangerous occupation that would prevent you from changing companies?

Are you presently looking for life insurance?

Would you like to have your present coverage reviewed?

Would you be seeking life insurance if it did not require a medical exam?

Other Insurance Products - Often Overlooked Until It Is Too Late To Correct


Would you like to see information on Disability Insurance through our free program?

Would you like to see information on Critical Illness Insurance through our free program?

Mortgage - Our Programs Help Reduce Mortgage Costs


We are currently developing a program that could show you how to pay off your mortgage (and credit card debt) in up to 50% less time than normal, saving thousands of interest dollars on your current or future mortgage. Would such a topic be of interest to you?

How soon would you need access to this type of information?
My mortgage is up for renewal within the next:

Would you like an evaluation of your current mortgage to see if you could save thousands of dollars in interest?

Are you currently shopping for a mortgage or mortgage advice?

Help Us Develop What You Want In The Future


How would you feel about having a Legal Expense Plan that provides access to lawyers at a top rated law firm in your own province for a monthly fee of $26? (Similar to a Blue Cross health plan but for legal issues.)

Such services would include unlimited telephone access to a lawyer during regular hours, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week for certain emergencies), letters or phone calls made on your behalf, document reviews, will preparation, warranty and debt collection assistance, review of lease agreements and tenant advice, help contacting government agencies, Small Claims Court advice, consumer protection and social assistance advice.




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